Bigfork Montana Real Estate

We Can Work For You As Your Own Buyer’s Agents.

Shopping for a home or land in Montana? You need someone in your corner, working just for you!

You can choose to have a buyer’s broker to represent you, usually at no cost to you. When you are looking at properties on line or in the ads, remember that the ads and listings are typically placed by agents who are working for the sellers. Sellers pay them a commission to sell their properties. If you contact them directly, they will make every effort to disclose  information about the property and balance your interests with those of the seller. That’s what Realtors do, and the Realtor Code of Ethics requires it.

But real estate is complicated. What questions should you be asking? Are you comfortable negotiating a sale price or sale terms? If you are looking at more than one property, are you OK sharing your personal information with each new sales agent you call? Here’s where a buyer’s agent can help, when you find an agent you like. Best of all, the seller pays the sales commission, and the seller’s agent shares it with your buyer’s agent, so there’s no added cost to you.

Your buyer’s agent can do computer searches of all the properties listed for sale in our regional Realty listing service, to identify those that might best meet your needs. Your agent also can set up automatic property searches that will send you an email as soon as a new property appears on the market that meets your criteria.

You will be asked to sign a buyer’s broker agreement, but you can make it for as short or as long as you wish. It’s a good option.